A downloadable game for Windows

This is a Beta of Afterlife 2.

Please note that this is a work in progress. There are bugs/missing graphics/sounds/translations in the current version, that will be fixed before official release.

If you would like to support me, it would be very much appreciated if you could vote on greenlight:


Comments and feedback are welcome too.

The Game

In Afterlife 2 you manage your very own funeral home. While others grieve, you count your profits.

Sign contracts to earn your first money.

Invest in new buildings to maximize your earnings. Start as a small businessman and become the biggest undertaker in town. Satisfy your customers to raise your reputation.

Had a bad day? Tomorrow will be better! Or not..

Inspired by the economy simulation games oft the mid 90s.


  • Buy and sell items
  • Use special offers to maximize profits
  • Negotiate contracts to squeeze as much money out of your clients as possible
  • The demands of your client exceed your possibilities? Throw them out!
  • Build buildings
  • Let your workers produce items in your workshops
  • Take loans to make your next big investment
  • Hand drawn graphics

Currently supported languages

  • english
  • german
  • polish


afterlife2-window-64-beta.zip 130 MB
Version 52 Apr 20, 2017

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